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Our Story

Not so long ago, most of our rivers were drinkable. Now, almost none.
When we will have drinkable rivers again, it means that the watershed, and all natural life in it, is healthy and in balance and all actions contribute to this.
We believe that drinkable rivers could be used as a guiding compass for societies, as a replacement of our current focus on economic growth.
To achieve this, Drinkable Rivers mobilises people in watersheds to care for their rivers. We engage with government officials, educate children and undertake research with citizens.

What we do

Once people experience their river, they will understand all her values, love her and start taking care of their river.
Experience, Love, Care, that’s what we believe in.

River Walks

Walking along rivers to engage with people and activate them to care for rivers.


Citizen Science

Engaging people to experience rivers by doing citizen science on water quality.

Activate Care

Building networks in watersheds to initiate actions towards drinkable rivers.


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28 May 2021

All Schools Unite (Alle Scholen Verzamelen)


7-18 June 2021

River IJssel Walk: from Westervoort to Kampen


Summer 2021

Release of Drinkable Rivers Book (Dutch)


3-4 Sep 2021

Mayors for a Drinkable Meuse live event in Namur




22 March 2020

Drinkbare Maas, NPO2

Vroege Vogels

15 March 2020 

Drinkbare Rivieren, Radio 1

De Volkskrant

6 December 2019

De vrouw die de rivieren gaat redden.

Dagblad Trouw

13 October 2018

Li An Phoa wil ervoor zorgen dat we straks gewoon uit de Maas kunnen drinken.


7 days ago

Definitieve manuscript ingeleverd! Tamelijk uitgeput zijn we, maar blij en voldaan. Alles achter elkaar gelezen en laatste aanpassingen en verbeteringen gemaakt. Hoppakee alles nu naar de uitgeverij.Definitive manuscript handed in! Rather exhausted, but happy and satisfied. We've read everything in one go and made our last adjustments and improvements. Voila, everything to the publisher now.#drinkbarerivieren #DrinkableRivers Je kan jouw boek bij ons voorbestellen www.drinkbarerivieren.nl ...
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2 weeks ago

After a long time: finally walking and teaching outside! Here along the Nederrijn with Van Hall Larenstein students. We asked ourselves: what makes you come alive; what makes you make a stand for (or against) something and how does the riversystem work in the ecological and institutional landscape?#DrinkableRivers #drinkbarerivieren #drinkbareIJssel #drinkbareRijn #vanHallLarensteinPhoto credit: @nikster_film ...
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2 months ago

Vandaag, 22 maart 2021, is het Wereld Water Dag, een mooie dag om stil te staan bij het belang van water voor ons allemaal, iedere dag weer. Nog niet zo lang geleden waren bijna alle rivieren op de wereld drinkbaar. Vandaag bijna geen enkele meer. Met Drinkable Rivers werken we elke dag aan een wereld met drinkbare rivieren, een toekomstbeeld dat steeds breder wordt gedragen. Dat doen we door middel van onderwijs, onderzoek en met concrete projecten in stroomgebieden, zoals het burgemeestersnetwerk voor een Drinkbare Maas. Ruim een jaar hebben Maarten van der Schaaf en ik gewerkt aan een boek over drinkbare rivieren, en dat boek is bijna af! In juni komt het uit bij Uitgeverij Atlas Contact. Ga naar www.DrinkbareRivieren.nl en laat je mailadres achter, dan zorgen wij dat je het boek straks als eerste kunt lezen. We zijn heel benieuwd naar jullie reacties! Today, 22 March 2021, it’s World Water Day, a good day to realise the importance of water for each of us, every day again. Not so long ago, almost all rivers in the world were drinkable. Today almost none. With Drinkable Rivers we work towards a world with drinkable rivers, a vision that is gradually adopted more broadly. We do this with awareness and activating care in watersheds, like the international mayors network for a Drinkable Meuse. For over a year, Maarten van der Schaaf and I worked on a book on drinkable rivers, which is almost finished! In June the book is published by Atlas Contact. Via the website DrinkableRivers.org, you can leave your email, then you will be the first to be able to read it (in Dutch for now). We are very curious to read your comments! #drinkbarerivieren #drinkablerivers #atlascontact #wereldwaterdag #worldwaterday #WorldWaterDay2021 ...
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2 months ago

Beautiful and hopeful to know and see there are still these wild precious creatures: the Vjosa river..!Touching and powerful to see people still feeling and remembering to care and love their river.The elections in Albania are 25 April, tomorrow in the Netherlands. Let our votes speak our hearts and compassion (not our fears), our confidence and decisiveness (daadkracht) (not our procrastination). Our future (and fate) is already made now.m.youtube.com/watch?v=-wIoAo6KGrw&feature=youtu.be ...
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2 months ago

Today I walked with two girls of 6 and just turned 4 (daughters of the biodynamic farm we buy our food) what future are we creating and offering them? The Netherlands has her upcoming elections this Wednesday which is crucial for them. In Tommy Wieringa's NRC column, he refers to philosopher Roman Krznaric in The good ancestor/ De goede voorouder, conclusion: that we have colonised the future. The 'no future' of our youngest generation or yet to come, requires that we vote on Wednesday and that we do not make selfish, but long-term choices with compassion. Selfish and short-term decisions are warlike in the face of our children, the children of other species, our future and the Earth. ...
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