Drinkable Rivers

Towards a world of Drinkable Rivers

Not so long ago, most of our rivers were drinkable.

But not anymore. 

We work to make our rivers drinkable again.

Happened in Fall 2023!

Read the daily highlights of our Drinkable Thames river walk (Sep 17th to Oct 17th)

Our book is now available in bookstores around the world!


What we do

River Walks

Walking along rivers to engage with people and activate them to care for rivers.

Citizen Science

Engaging people to experience rivers by doing citizen science on water quality.

Action Communities

Building networks in watersheds to initiate actions towards drinkable rivers.


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13 Apr 2024

Drinkbare IJssel & boederij IJsseloord

11:30-13:30, Arnhem
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16 Apr 2024

The Nature of Cities

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20 Apr 2024

Clear Water Public Sail Hudson
Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

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22 Apr 2024

Film Premiere ‘Our Blue World’ in New York 7-8:30PM at FIAF’s Florence Gould Hall

26 May-8 Jun

Berkel river walk
Route & planning



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