Drinkable Rivers

Towards a world of Drinkable Rivers


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Our Story

Not so long ago, most of our rivers were drinkable. Now, almost none.
When we will have drinkable rivers again, it means that the watershed, and all natural life in it, is healthy and in balance and all actions contribute to this.
We believe that drinkable rivers could be used as a guiding compass for societies, as a replacement of our current focus on economic growth.
To achieve this, Drinkable Rivers mobilises people in watersheds to care for their rivers. We engage with government officials, educate children and undertake research with citizens.

What we do

Once people experience their river, they will understand all her values, love her and start taking care of their river.
Experience, Love, Care, that’s what we believe in.

River Walks

Walking along rivers to engage with people and activate them to care for rivers.


Citizen Science

Engaging people to experience rivers by doing citizen science on water quality.

Activate Care

Building networks in watersheds to initiate actions towards drinkable rivers.


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22 Nov. 2021

Guiding Voices: Drinkbare Rivieren,



19 Nov. 2021

Shift Talks: De Nederlandse Tijdsrebellie,
Den Bosch


17 Sep. 2021

Film Screening Drinkbare Maas
Film by the Sea Festival, Vlissingen


15-16 Oct. 2021

Annual gathering Mayors for a Drinkable Meuse
Namur (Belgium)




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