Drinkable Rivers

Towards a world of Drinkable Rivers

Not so long ago, most of our rivers were drinkable.

But not anymore. 

We work to make our rivers drinkable again.

What we do

River Walks

Walking along rivers to engage with people and activate them to care for rivers.

Citizen Science

Engaging people to experience rivers by doing citizen science on water quality.

Action Communities

Building networks in watersheds to initiate actions towards drinkable rivers.

Get Involved

Sign the Lifeline

Monitor your river

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Recent Articles

Meuse Film Tour – 2022 Retrospective

This June 2022, Li An Phoa went on a Tour along the Meuse to screen the film Drinkbare Maas (Meuse à Boire), by Thom Verheul (2020). The film retraces the steps of Li An’s 1000km walk along the Meuse (2018). The film was screened in several towns along the Meuse,...


Join a Drinkable Rivers event near you or online!

10 June 2022

‘Mayors for a Drinkable Meuse’ annual gathering in Land of Cuijk


23 June 2022

Holland Festival, Amsterdam, Melkweg ‘Water source of life and destruction’


25-30 June 2022

Film tour with ‘Meuse à Boire’:
25 Monthermé (FR)
28 Val de Meuse (FR)
28-29 Neufchateau (FR)
30 Maaseik (B)


8 July 2022

Excursion ‘What happens with the IJssel-water?’ at Andijk with drinkwater company PWN.




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