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Li An Phoa

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Margriet Blanken
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Sandra de Vries
Citizen Science

Thomas Rossi
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Stichting Drinkable Rivers works towards a world with drinkable rivers through inspiring walks, events, research, education, and mobilisation through various action programmes.


Our strategy is two-fold. We raise awareness for our mission and mobilise people to take action. We raise awareness by initiating inspiring rivers walks that attract a lot of media attention and we mobilise people to get involved in the movement. For example, citizens can participate in citizen science, mayors can join the network Mayors for Drinkable Rivers and teachers can adopt our education programme.


Financial Reports

When the foundation was established 11th March 2020 we chose for an extended financial year ending on 31st December 2021. Our first financial report will be published here early 2022.

All information related to our ANBI status

Members of the board

Anne Leeflang, chair
Harmen van Doorn, finance
Klaartje Freeke, secretary

The board members do not receive any salary for their work.

Drinkable Rivers receives support from

Thom Verheul
Film A Long Walk for Drinkable Rivers

Arnoud Krom
Data Guru

Jan Geleijnse

Marit Bogert

Renata van der Weijden
University College Roosevelt

Wim van Vilsteren
River IJssel

Nikki Ywema
Film maker

Alfa Lee
Film maker

Henk Ganzeboom

Pepijn van Loon
Municipality Actions

Blanca Linz
River Meuse