Partner With Us

We cooperate with a variety of individuals, universities, companies and (semi-)government organisations to achieve a world with drinkable rivers. These are some of the partnerships we have developed over the years.

All Schools Unite!

All Schools Unite!

Together with twelve universities, Drinkable Rivers organised a nation-wide event, called Alle Scholen Verzamelen!, in which 95 primary schools and 2400 kids throughout the Netherlands joined Drinkable Rivers citizen science and monitor flowing fresh water in their area.

Watch: Drinkable Rivers & AlleScholenVerzamelen! – Youtube (NL, 3’34)
Watch: Jeugdjournaal (NL, 2:32)
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University College Roosevelt (UCR)

University College Roosevelt (UCR)

Together with teachers and students of UCR in Middelburg, we organised a data crunch and analysed the data of the our citizen science programme. Associate Professor Renate van der Weijden works actively with our core team in designing the chemical research methodology for this study. Associate Professor Ilke Ercan adopted Drinkable Rivers as a case for the engineering project course Sensing Systems for Sustainability.

Amsterdam International Water Week

Amsterdam International Water Week

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) found inspiration in Drinkable Rivers and especially in our action community Mayors for Drinkable Rivers. AIWW formulated an Amsterdam Agreement in order to support the Meuse Mayors network and build a global mayors network for drinkable rivers.

Water Authority Hollands Noorderkwartier

There are 21 water authorities in the Netherlands, they are the oldest governing body in the country. One of them, Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier organised a five-day strategy retreat, called Terranautica, to develop a biodiversity vision. Drinkable Rivers’ founder Li An Phoa was invited to join the 40+ group during the whole week to lead walk & talks and contribute to their innovation sessions.

Watch: “Terranautica: Focus op biodiversiteit (1’50)”


We met Tembo board member Hester Kuypers van der Sluis on the banks of the river IJssel and quickly discovered our passion for the healthy of rivers. Tembo Group, a 4th generation, family-owned manufacturing company, has its headquarters at the mouth of the river IJssel. Tembo decided to support Drinkable Rivers as part of their Corporate Responsibility Programme. Next to their financial support, Tembo’s employees around the world participate in our citizen science programme.


The American outdoor clothing company believes that the most direct path to real change is through building grassroots momentum. Its foundation supports environmental organisations with bold, direct-action agendas and a commitment to long-term change. Matthijs Visch, Patagonia’s EMEA director encouraged us to apply for funding at the foundation for our plan to create an action guide that enables individuals, policy makers and corporate leaders to take concrete actions towards a world with drinkable rivers. We are happy to have received their financial support.


Nucleoo is an European data specialist based in Spain. When our citizen science programme took off, Nucleoo’s CEO Arnoud Krom offered to develop a data platform to collect, store and analyse data gathered by our citizen scientists from all over the world. Together we are building a database on river water quality, which enables us to track our progress towards our ultimate goal: a world with drinkable rivers.