We are very excited to welcome seven new citizen science hubs to our community who will be measuring different water bodies:
  • a new pilgrimage route between Dokkum and Fritzlar in Germany (Hub: De Boompelgrims, NL)
  • the Vecht (Hubs: De Koppel, NL and Tierpark Nordhorn, DE)
  • the river delta of the Meuse and the Rhine (Hub: the De Biesbosch, NL)
  • the Bidasoa (Hub: Basque Country, ES)
  • the Thève and the Seine (Hub: Chantilly, FR)
  • the Flathead river (Hub: Water Stories, USA)
  • the Amstel (Hub: World Waternet, NL)

Note to all existing hubs

If you would like to refresh your knowledge, please send us an email here. We will make sure to provide you with videos and other material to get you up to speed.