Youth for Drinkable Rivers

A global network of young people working towards drinkable rivers

Hello! We are a community of young people with a passion for water. Some of us are young professionals, some are students, and some of us just have a big heart for healthy rivers. We spread the story about drinkable rivers to amplify the voice of the river – together with Li An. We organise different activities for a wide audience and involved parties. We connect with current events to create awareness about water quality, working towards our dream that one day we can take a sip from our local river.

We are always open to new participants! Are you interested and do you want to make a contribution – large or small – to drinkable rivers? Visit our webpage and contact us.

See you soon.


Dommel Walk

Following in the footsteps of Li An Phoa, Youth for Drinkable Rivers, is organising a walk in the Meuse watershed, from the source of the river Dommel under Peer (18 April, Flanders, Belgium) to its confluence with the Meuse at Den Bosch (23 April, in the Netherlands). With this walk, we want to increase awareness around healthy and clean water. Would you like to join us and contribute to a healthy Dommel?

Help us to make our rivers drinkable again

Running for a Drinkable Meuse

On Sunday April 16th, the trainees of the National Water Traineeship will be running for a Drinkable Meuse, will you help us?

Drinkable rivers indicate a healthy living environment for humans and animals. When we can drink from a river, it means that the entire ecosystem is healthy and balanced. However, water from rivers can only be drinkable if all activities and relationships in a catchment area contribute to this.

We, trainees of the National Water, Soil and Energy Traineeship, are daily involved in tasks related to activities in a catchment area and water in our work. In addition, we are active in a personal development program in which we set challenging goals. We have combined this by participating in the NN Marathon in Rotterdam for a good cause (distances we participate in 42.2 km/10.55 km). The city of the Meuse, a river with important meaning for the Netherlands and a major challenge when it comes to water quality.



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