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Our Story

Not so long ago, most of our rivers were drinkable. Now, almost none.
When we will have drinkable rivers again, it means that the watershed, and all natural life in it, is healthy and in balance and all actions contribute to this.
We believe that drinkable rivers could be used as a guiding compass for societies, as a replacement of our current focus on economic growth.
To achieve this, Drinkable Rivers mobilises people in watersheds to care for their rivers. We engage with government officials, educate children and undertake research with citizens.

What we do

Once people experience their river, they will understand all her values, love her and start taking care of their river.
Experience, Love, Care, that’s what we believe in.

River Walks

Walking along rivers to engage with people and activate them to care for rivers.


Citizen Science

Engaging people to experience rivers by doing citizen science on water quality.

Activate Care

Building networks in watersheds to initiate actions towards drinkable rivers.


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26 Mar 2021

Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration – Mayors for Drinkable Rivers (online AIWW event)

Spring 2021

Mayors for a Drinkable Meuse live event in Namur

Summer 2021

Release of Drinkable Rivers Book (Dutch)

28 May 2021

All Schools Unite (Alle Scholen Verzamelen)




22 March 2020

Drinkbare Maas, NPO2

Vroege Vogels

15 March 2020 

Drinkbare Rivieren, Radio 1

De Volkskrant

6 December 2019

De vrouw die de rivieren gaat redden.

Dagblad Trouw

13 October 2018

Li An Phoa wil ervoor zorgen dat we straks gewoon uit de Maas kunnen drinken.


2 days ago

Filming our last instruction videos for our citizen science's new modules and freshly updated ones. Preparing for 'all schools unite' where 130 classes so far have signed up, three more weeks to register. Check our website on drinkablerivers.org to discover how. And in about 1-2 months time we will be ready to invite new hubs to join our citizen science community as we are working on our data tool as well..! Watch our collective strength. Stay tuned, and vibrant 😉#DrinkableRivers#drinkbarerivieren#allescholenverzamelen2021 #asv2021#wetenschapsknooppunten#pulsaqua#waterlab#niksterfilm#bi4group#citizencescience ...
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2 weeks ago

Just in! I wrote a piece about Drinkable Rivers for renowned Resurgence & Ecologist magazine Resurgence March/April 2021 issue!#drinkablerivers #resurgencetrust #drinkbarerivieren www.resurgence.org to buy your print or PDF copy ...
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3 weeks ago

Throughout the Netherlands, school children 10-12 year will join Drinkable Rivers citizen science. At the moment 120 schools registered and anyone else are welcome, teachers can register.Zit jij op de basisschool in groep 7 of 8, heb je kinderen in die klassen of ben jij een leraar? Je kan je aanmelden om door heel Nederland op 28 mei 2021 mee te helpen met het Drinkable Rivers burgeronderzoek. Nu al hebben 120 scholen/ klassen zich aangemeld, jij ook? Vorig jaar zag dit er zo uit: www.wetenschapsknooppunten.nl/alle-scholen-verzamelen/#drinkablerivers #drinkbarerivieren #allescholenverzamelen2021 #asv2021 ...
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3 weeks ago

The Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, has signed the 'Mayors for a Drinkable Meuse' declaration! Happy with the gradual growing of the Mayors' network and the commitment they show for our Maas or Meuse family.#drinkablerivers #drinkbarerivieren #gemeenterotterdam #mayorsfordrinkablerivers ...
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