The Project

If we have drinkable rivers, it means that all relations in the watersheds are healthy.

Canoeing an entire drinkable river, the Rupert River, in northern Québec Canada for a month thirteen years ago, taught me that Drinkable Rivers can be a reality. It showed me the value of relationships for the health of living systems.
Witnessing how only three years later this river was not drinkable as a result of our choices of ‘economic developments’ underlined the vulnerability of the health of living systems and the need for us to care.

My mission to engage local people, organisations and any enthusiast to care for Drinkable Rivers.

Film by Henk Ganzeboom

Li An Phoa presents Drinkable RiversTM CC at TEDx Venlo

TEDx Venlo interviewNovember 7th 2017

Images edited by Alfa Lee and from Nicolas Boisclair, Gabriel Tetro, Mike Wong and Ryan Erless from our time at the Rupert River (2005-07)

A few generations ago, all rivers were drinkable. Now almost none.

This is a sign of how we live. The current pollution and destruction, is a reflection of how we live and our health. With our care, Drinkable Rivers are possible again.
Caring for rivers will have a spin-off for habitat health, biodiversity, and climate stabilisation.

I long for a world where rivers are drinkable.

With my project Drinkable RiversTM CC - Indicators for Healthy Living, I wish to engage people to live towards drinkable rivers. From children to presidents; from farmers to bankers. Every unique being matters. It’s an exploration: how do we incentivise ourselves and each other to care? How to connect individual human beings with experts and professionals for healthy living? And how can Drinkable Rivers be applied as indicators by banks, engineers, schools and politicians?

Sign the LifeLine !

The LifeLine is a personal commitment to make steps towards drinkable rivers.
The more Lifeline signed, the more momentum the project will take, and the more seriously elected officials and businesses will consider acting towards drinkable rivers.

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Source-to-Sea Walks

Meuse/ Maas Walk - Western Europe (from May 15th to July 15th 2018)

Li An starts walking along the Meuse / Maas, the river of her BirthPlace near Rotterdam. From Source to Sea, Li An creates momentum along her way and encourage people to take action towards drinkable rivers

Yellow River China
Yellow River Walk - China (2019)