Meuse/Maas Walk

Join Li An in her walk along the river Meuse / Maas

Become a Meuse / Maas Angel

We need you in making this walk possible.

Are you local to the river Meuse-Maas and do you have will, resources and time to support?

We hope to identify ‘a Meuse-Maas angel’ every 50km along the river to support the Drinkable Rivers’ walk for both Li An as well as for others who might want to join.

Register directly on the website with our form and tell what you can offer. With this, we will be able to be in touch with you a few days before arriving and explore what the possibilities are.

Take Action

Want to join the walk ? Here is the information sheet:

More details on other ways to take action coming soon!


French medias



7 Juin 2018 - Interview France Bleu


Sharable Resources

Please download our resources to help spread the word!
Distribute flyers or display posters to help Li An on her way