Only a few generations ago all rivers were drinkable, now almost none.

This is a sign of how we live. Canoeing an entire drinkable river, the Rupert River, in northern Québec Canada for a month taught me the value of relationships for the health of living systems.

In this video, I introduce my mission to engage local people, organisations and any enthusiast to care for Drinkable Rivers.

Maas/Meuse (925km)

In source-to-sea river walks, I will engage you to join the walk and conversations and show how every simple step and each of our daily lives matter. Together with you, we will explore how to live towards Drinkable Rivers.

The river Maas (la Meuse) in Europe will be the first source-to-sea curriculum. From the source in France, through Belgium, to the Netherlands and ultimately into the North Sea. Start date planned: April/May 2018.

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Li An presents Drinkable RiversCC

TEDx Venlo, November 7th 2017

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Thank you, Thomas Rossi for my web communication support; Alfa Lee for editing images for the TEDx talk; Nicolas Boisclair, Gabriel Tetro, Mike Wong and Ryan Erless for your pics/videos from our time at the Rupert River; and Henk Ganzeboom for the videoclip in the Biesbosch.