Only a few generations ago all rivers were drinkable, now almost none.

This is a sign of how we live. Canoeing an entire drinkable river, the Rupert River, in northern Québec Canada for a month taught me the value of relationships for the health of living systems. 

Only three years later, this river was not drinkable anymore as human activities changed the balance of these healthy relationships.

Now, twelve years later, I start my project Drinkable RiversTM CC with source-to-sea river walks to engage local people, monitor water(shed) quality, and act towards an economy of care.

Announcement of my Maas / la Meuse river walk 15 May – 15 July 2018

Film by Alfa Lee


In my source-to-sea river walks, I invite you to join and show how every simple step in each of our daily lives matters. The river Maas will be the first to walk as I was born in this watershed. During the Maas walk I will:

  • Meet as many local people and organisations as possible.
  • Engage children to monitor water quality in a civil science research.
  • Communicate online and with events; with press, partners, artists, etc.

My walk along the 925km Maas river / la Meuse from the source in France, through Belgium and the Netherlands to the Northsea

The Maas Walk

Check out the rough planning source-to-sea Maas river walk on the map.

An interactive map will soon be on the website where you will be able to see in real time where I am and for you to join the walk.



Follow me online and share posts


Connect me with people and organisations close to the river Maas


Join the walk and check other walking events (coming soon)

Early May the website will allow you to see a more detailed map and to actively tell when you will join.

  • Join me to walk along  (max three days).
  • Offer to host me one night or to share a meal (for locals along the Maas).
Schools and Parents
  • Engage children in a citizen science project collecting samples and monitoring water quality.
Business and Organisations
  • Book an inspiration or teambuilding day along the Maas.
  • Invite Li An to share about Drinkable Rivers.
Press and Artists
  • Reporting along the river or by phone. Announcing my arrival and/or recording the event.
  • Sharing  your talents to spread  the Drinkable Rivers vision.

Learn more about Drinkable RiversTM CC

My mission to engage local people, organisations and any enthusiast to care for Drinkable Rivers.

Film by Henk Ganzeboom

Li An Phoa presents Drinkable RiversTM CC at TEDx Venlo

TEDx Venlo interviewNovember 7th 2017

Images edited by Alfa Lee and from Nicolas Boisclair, Gabriel Tetro, Mike Wong and Ryan Erless from our time at the Rupert River (2005-07)

Thank you, ecological designer Thomas Rossi for digital support; filmmaker Alfa Lee for announcement video;

and ‘online-walker’ Merel Wallis de Vries for interactive map/agenda (coming soon).

Picture by Henk Ganzeboom.