In a world with drinkable rivers, all relations in entire watersheds are healthy.

Canoeing an entire drinkable river, the Rupert River, in northern Québec Canada for a month thirteen years ago, taught me that Drinkable Rivers can be a reality. It showed me the value of relationships for the health of living systems.

Witnessing how only three years later this river was not drinkable as a result of our choices of ‘economic developments’ underlined the vulnerability of the health of living systems and the need for us to care.

Announcing Meuse / Maas river walk 15 May – 15 July 2018

Source-to-Sea Walk: River Meuse / Maas

In my source-to-sea river walks, I invite you to join and show how every simple step in each of our daily lives matters. The river Maas will be the first to walk as I was born in this watershed. During the Maas walk I will:

  • meet as many local people and organisations as possible,
  • engage children to monitor water quality in a civil science research,
  • communicate online and with events; with press, partners, artists, ...

My walk along the 925km Maas river / la Meuse from the source in France, through Belgium and the Netherlands to the Northsea


There are many ways to support Drinkable Rivers

Walk with Li An

Join Li An in her walk for Drinkable Rivers along the river Meuse / Maas

Support the Walk

Become a “Meuse / Maas Angel” and support Li An during her walk!

Spread the word

Download, print and distribute our flyers, posters and logos to communicate about the walk

Sign the LifeLine

Sign the LifeLine and commit to take action
for drinkable rivers


Support Drinkable Rivers by making a donation

Everybody can contribute

Schools and Parents
Clubs and Associations
Elected Officials
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Press and Artists


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1 day ago

Drinkable Rivers

Mayor @boris_ravignon, from #charlevillemezieres a French city in the middle of the 925km Meuse, commits towards #DrinkableRivers in today's newspaper. Early June I passed Charleville-Mézières during my 1000km walk along the Meuse, when I introduced #DrinkableMeuse for the first time to Boris. Then 1,5 week ago, 12-13th September, I visited the town with the meandering Meuse again to celebrate the 20 year intl collaboration of the #InternationalMeuseCommission when during dinner with mayor Boris we looked at 1) walkable Meuse with a walking path, 2) swimmable Meuse and towards the vision of 3) drinkable Meuse. And today it's in the papers!! It's getting real! Next step for me, discovering more Meuse mayors whose singing hearts align to putting this dream into reality....!
#Meusefamily #Meusemayorsunited #Maasburgemeesters #drinkbaremaas #Maasfamilie @lianphoa @ Charleville-Mézières
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1 week ago

Drinkable Rivers

Another news video report from local TV station TV Ellef in Linne, Limburg, the Netherlands on day#41 of my walk along the Meuse www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpyPtnApbQo&index=137&list=PLKJorExttTuWzXvAUWPpLU8Bhqjzukv2-&t=0sZou het niet mooi zijn als we in ons land zouden kunnen drinken uit de rivier? Zover is het (nog) niet, maar het zou in de toekomst wel weer mogelijk moeten ... ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Drinkable Rivers

Tijdens de eerste editie van #hetlaatsteeiland festival, een combinatie van cultuur, kunst, viering en ecologische inbedding en verdieping. Hier heb ik op de boot dat om het eiland Tiengemeten in het Haringvliet (in de Maas Rijn delta) vaarde gesproken over de Maas wandeling en Drinkbare Rivieren. Een prachtige ervaring samen met @tanjakoning
@roneuser @rosaschol @jacqueline.heerema @gerardlitjens @chrisvanderheijden @dansvoer @maartenvanderschaaf en @basroels.
#ikwasophetlaatsteeiland #ikbenophetlaatsteeiland #drinkablerivers #drinkbaremaas #drinkbarerivieren #sourcetoseawalk #springcollege @lianphoa @ Tiengemeten
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4 weeks ago

Drinkable Rivers

In twee lokale kranten van mooie Maas dorpen/steden. Beide hebben een bijzondere plek in m'n hart en herinnering. In de Tweeterp www.tweeterp.nl/ van Engelen en Bokhoven, geschreven door Monique Geertsen, via Maasengel Mariël Giezen. En in De Kapper van Velden, geschreven door Pieter Duijf, via Maasengelen Heleen en Willy Verbeek.
In two local Meuse village magazines.
#sourcetoseawalk #drinkablerivers #drinkbaremaas #drinkbarerivieren #MeusePotable #Maasengelen #drinkableMaas #velden #engelen #tweeterp #stroomgebiedfamilie #watershedfamily
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