All around the world people and all life forms belong to a river system, a watershed. In this river system, we are a family where water is our bloodline.

When we will have drinkable rivers, it means that all relationships in this watershed are healthy. Drinkable Rivers could be indicator of healthy living.

Drinkable Rivers activates river families to care for our rivers.
Become part of river families!

Li An Phoa: Drinkbare Rivieren film impression (Dutch)

You wish to take responsibility and have impact, but you:
Drinkable Rivers offers you
Don’t have a coherent or shared idea (what/how)
A vision or worldview to act towards
Lack inspiration or motivation (why)
Drive and enthusiasm
Need creativity and innovation
A way of enticing creativity to brainstorm and innovate
Cannot connect with certain (groups of) people/organisations
Ways to connect with different partners
Are looking for ways to collaborate and cross-pollinate knowledge or resources
A perspective to discover new ways to collaborate


I am ranked #19 in the Dutch Sustainable Top 100 organized by the newspaper Trouw.

Li An Phoa - 19th on Dutch Sustainability top 100 - Trouw


There are many ways to support Drinkable Rivers

Sign your LifeLine

Indicate your step towards drinkable rivers and help me collect them to activate other officials and companies to make their commitments.

Engage your colleagues, neighbours or family to sign their LifeLine.


Support Drinkable Rivers by making a donation

Everybody can contribute

Schools and Parents
Clubs and Associations
Elected Officials
Business and Organisations
Press and Artists


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1 week ago

Drinkable Rivers

Aanstaande dinsdag 16 oktober wandel ik met waterschappen #BrabantseDelta met de dijkgraaf #KeesJandeVet, #AaenMaas, #deDommel, #Arcadis, wethouder van Breda en ruim zestig professionals en burgers in Breda als opening van de #WeekvanonsWater voor #stadswaterkwaliteit. Kom je ook? Mèt lunch ;-)! m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=oPMI7yZOxr8#menuIeder jaar tijdens de ‘Week van ons water’ zijn er motiverende en prikkelende bijeenkomsten en activiteiten. Tijdens de komende editie is er een aftrap die u... ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

Drinkable Rivers

Tijdens de #weekvanonswater in het stroomgebied van de Maas in Breda, organiseren we een symposium over stadswater kwaliteit en geef ik een wandeling. Hoe belangrijk is ons stadswater voor ons? En hoe belangrijk zijn wij voor ons stadswater? De zijrivieren Mark en (Breede) Aa van de Maas zullen we op een nieuwe manier ontmoeten.
Kom je ook? Uitnodiging samen met #dijkgraaf Kees Jan de Vet: youtu.be/oPMI7yZOxr8
Ga in gesprek met o.a. de waterschappen, laat u inspireren en ga samen creatief aan de slag tijdens het symposium ‘Kansrijk stadswater! Inschrijven schinmedia.typeform.com/to/DyfryF
#DrinkableRivers #drinkbarerivieren #drinkbaremaas #sourcetoseawalk #stadswaterwandeling #kansrijkstadswater #breda #BrabantseDelta
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4 weeks ago

Drinkable Rivers

Mayor @boris_ravignon, from #charlevillemezieres a French city in the middle of the 925km Meuse, commits towards #DrinkableRivers in today's newspaper. Early June I passed Charleville-Mézières during my 1000km walk along the Meuse, when I introduced #DrinkableMeuse for the first time to Boris. Then 1,5 week ago, 12-13th September, I visited the town with the meandering Meuse again to celebrate the 20 year intl collaboration of the #InternationalMeuseCommission when during dinner with mayor Boris we looked at 1) walkable Meuse with a walking path, 2) swimmable Meuse and towards the vision of 3) drinkable Meuse. And today it's in the papers!! It's getting real! Next step for me, discovering more Meuse mayors whose singing hearts align to putting this dream into reality....!
#Meusefamily #Meusemayorsunited #Maasburgemeesters #drinkbaremaas #Maasfamilie @lianphoa @ Charleville-Mézières
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1 month ago

Drinkable Rivers

Another news video report from local TV station TV Ellef in Linne, Limburg, the Netherlands on day#41 of my walk along the Meuse www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpyPtnApbQo&index=137&list=PLKJorExttTuWzXvAUWPpLU8Bhqjzukv2-&t=0sZou het niet mooi zijn als we in ons land zouden kunnen drinken uit de rivier? Zover is het (nog) niet, maar het zou in de toekomst wel weer mogelijk moeten ... ... See MoreSee Less

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